Filled donuts sample 6 pack

Filled donuts sample 6 pack

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MAKE SURE THE DONUT DATE YOU CHOOSE IS THE DATE OF YOUR ACTUAL PICKUP - IF THEY DO NOT MATCH WE WILL have to change your pickup date to match the donut date.  This is due to the limited amount we can make per day.  

Have you been wanting to try our filled donuts?!  We are releasing a limited quantity over the next few weeks.  One pack per family until we have the capacity to make more.

This Sample pack will include 6 filled donuts: lemon, vanilla, raspberry jam, chocolate creme, pumpkin cream. & cinnamon cream.


*Contains eggs and dairy.

Donut Ingredients:    Ingredients: gf flour (brown rice, tapioca, potato starch, xanthan gum), coconut milk, organic sugar, palm, water, flax seed, yeast, apple cider vinegar, baking powder, salt, nutmeg.


Chocolate creme: Chocolate chips, cream.  Contains dairy and soy

Lemon: Eggs, sugar, lemon juice, cornstarch.  Contains Eggs

Raspberry jam:  Raspberries, sugar, pectin

Vanilla: Eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla Contains dairy and eggs

Pumpkin cream: pumpkin, sugar, cream cheese.  Contains dairy

Cinnamon Cream: sugar, cinnamon, cream cheese.  Contains dairy



These donuts are meant to be eaten now (or when you get to your destination, drive safe). If you don’t eat them right away, tuck them in the fridge - the creme filling are perishable.  

If you’re going to save them for later, as in you don’t plan to eat them today - store them in the freezer, then thaw and eat.