All You need to know about how local pickup deliveries work is right here! 

Welcome!  If you're looking for the best gluten free treats, you've found them.  We do weekly and monthly drop offs in Oregon and SW Washington.  Below is a list of when and where we'll be.  

You can get ready to bake and heat & eat groceries - we also have a good selection of ready to eat treats.  Many of our treats come frozen so you can store them easy, so they last longer. :)



Drop-off/Pickup locations/times

  • Beaverton, Saturdays, 11am 
  • Bethany, Fridays, 11:45am,
  • Forest Grove, Saturdays, 10:45am
  • Gresham1st/3rd Saturday, 12:30
  • Hillsboro, Fridays, 1-3pm + Saturday, 11-2pm
  • Keizer, 2nd/4th Saturday 1:15pm 
  • Kelso, 3rd Friday, 12:15pm
  • Lake Oswego, Fridays, noon
  • McMinnville, Saturdays, 10am
  • Newberg, Saturdays, 9:30am
  • Portland, East, 1st/3rd Saturday, noon
  • Portland SE, Fridays, 11am
  • Ridgefield, 3rd Friday, 11:20-30am
  • Sherwood, Saturdays, 9am
  • Vancouver, Fridays, 11am
  • West Linn, 2nd/4th Saturday, noon
  • Wilsonville, Saturdays, 12:30pm


  • Beaverton, 3790 SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton in the Grill Works parking lot, near the For Yarn Sakes Shop. (parking lot pick up)
  • Bethany, 1520 NW Bethany Blvd, Beaverton, 97006. NE area parking lot by Golden Valley Restaurant. 
  • Forest Grove, 3602 Pacific Avenue, parking lot between Ace Hardware & Black Rock - Northside of the the parking lot. 
  • Gresham, 440 NW Burnside Rd, Gresham, Old K-mark parking lot, across the street from Applebee's.  
  • Hillsboro, 560 SE 4th Ave, Hillsboro @BlueMoon's production bakery
  • Hillsboro, 403 SE Baseline, Hillsboro - our retail location. 
  • Keizer/Salem, 6375 Ulali Dr NE, Keizer - Parking lot pick up (just across from Taco Del Mar)
  • Kelso, Three Rivers Mall - parking lot between Penny’s & Target.
  • Lake Oswego4565 Carman Dr., Lake Oswego Lake Bible Church - Parking Lot Pickup.  Corner of Carman/Kruse Way
  • McMinnville, 2741 NE Highway 99W, parking lot Between Wilco & Circle K
  • Newberg, 1510 E Portland Road, Grocery Outlet parkin lot.  
  • Portland, East, 11826 NE Glisan St, Portland, Parking lot pick up just across the street from Portland Florist Shop.
  • Ridgefield,  (it's located just off the I-5/Ridgefield exit). 6370 N First Circle, Ridgefield WA- Junction Park & Rid
  • SE Portland, 940 SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Blvd, Portland, Parking lot pick up. Walgreens parking lot Pick up will be closer to Cesar Chavez Blvd/Belmont.
  • Sherwood, 16030 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd, Sherwood (parking lot pick up, Hobby Lobby)
  • Vancouver1053 E Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver (parking lot pick up, Officer's Row)
  • West Linn, 21900 Willamette Dr West Linn. Parking lot pickup on the corner of Willamette/Burns.
  • Wilsonville, 8315 SW Jack Burns Blvd, Wilsonville. Parking lot pickup, SW Elligsen/Gwen Dr - between Office Depot and Umpqua Bank.


***These are all parking lot pickups, with the exception of the Hillsboro production and shop.  We do not have retail locations in these parking lots.  We drive up with our bakery vehicle park and you pick up from our vehicle.  #fancy  😉  

Parking lot pick window is usually about 5-10.  Some of the drop off we get to a few minutes before - it depends on when we leave out last pickup - we usually do 2-4 pickups back to back.  

IF you have questions about a location give us a call or email us

    Click here for location address.

    Need Baking Instructions?  Click here

    You will always receive an order confirmation after your order goes through and receive an email reminder a couple days before pickup and text reminder a few hours before pickup.   (IF you don't get the reminders reach out, you might have picked a different day or your email was mistyped). 

    4/27/22 UPDATE:  $2 "fuel" fee, You might have noticed a $2 fee when you check out.  Everything is on the rise, including gas, labor ingredients and supplies.  This fee basically helps cover our drivers wage and the rising cost of fuel.  Before a few months ago I, Melissa/owner, was doing all the drop offs and and didn't factor in the labor cost - and when I hired delivery helpers we did not raise prices.  SO instead of raising prices on everything to cover this cost we're going to try a $2 fee to see if that evens out the cost.  IF YOU place multiple orders for a location/same day pickup we will refund any additional fee, so you just pay $2 total.  IF you have question/suggestion/comments just reach out to me.

    Having trouble ordering?!  send us an email
    Thank you so so much for letting us be part of your family's celebrations and everyday life!  We love making it a little easier and little more normal I appreciate your support this past year and your continued kindness and patience as we use this new ordering system platform.  Glitches and quirks have come up and I appreciate you helping us work through them when they arise.
    Thank you!!