Baking Instructions

Need baking instructions? You can usually find them on the item's page.  Below is a quick "jump to link" to the page.  

You can also find the ingredient list and storage instructions on the item page too.  IF the ingredient, baking or storage info is missing let us know - we are continually adding new items - we (Melissa) get(s)excited and posts new items and doesn't always add the detail - we're working on it.  ;)

Baking/Storage instruction links

Heat and Eat/Storage instruction links

If you have any foods your need to avoid like nuts, potatoes, cinnamon ect...due to allergies, auto-immune or intolerance, reach out and we'll help navigate you to safe items.  Also include them in the notes when you checkout.  

Storing your Baked Goods - There is nothing worse than paying a bunch of money only to be disappointed with your treats. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Nobody wants to eat gluten free tasting/feeling cookies and treats - because gf can get stale and have a weird texture to it. Follow these guidelines and your GF treats will last longer and won’t end up tasting gf or having that unfortunate gf texture.

FREEZE IT! The Freezer is now your best friend when it comes to most things gluten free. Store it in the freezer and it will last longer and taste fresher. (I know it sounds weird, but really the freezer is every gluten free treats best friend, mostly). Keep it in the Freezer and take it out 10-15 mins before you want to eat it. From our Freezer to yours.

These cookies/treats are all frozen and pulled from our freezer, you can put them in your freezer and take them out when you want a treat. Only takes 10-15 mins to thaw.

  • Pink Cookies
  • Lemon Bars
  • Creme Cookies
  • Jammers
  • Crater Brownie
  • Breakfast Cookies
  • Tasty Bites Cookies


  • Biscuits, Heat from frozen or thaw on the counter 15 minutes before eating (they don’t need to be heated, but we like to warm them in the microwave for a few seconds).
  • English Muffins: Thaw on counter 15 minutes before toasting them
  • Breakfast Hand Pies, Heat from frozen
  • Breakfast Cake, Vegan, Thaw about an hour before you eat it. Does not need to be heated.
  • Greek & Berry Galettes, Heat from frozen